School Presentations

One of the most rewarding aspects of being a children’s book author is visiting schools. I’m passionate about what I’ve learned, through my writing and life experiences, but more so, what you would like me to teach your students! I understand the importance of meeting curriculum standards and making my visit the best for your students.

I custom-create every presentation for your school and various grade levels.

The following is an example of topics I can cover:

Discussing Virginia Hamilton’s works and her life journey. I love working with schools who have read one of her novels as a companion to my biography of her!

The mystery behind Nancy Drew, Millie Benson and the Stratemeyer Syndicate.

The various labels we wear/self discovery of the roles we play and can choose in the future.

My journey to publishing: from children’s book founder to children’s book writer.

Subject analysis: Compare and contrast my biographical subjects.

Nonfiction vs. fiction: Telling a story with facts.

The process of creating a biography from contract, research and writing.

The following covers typical questions about my visits:

Length and content of my visit depends upon size and grade level of the group.

For younger children (K-3) I share stories about my subjects younger years, and offer a glimpse into who I was at their age.

For older children (Gr. 4-8) I share my journey as an author and incorporate whatever topics and elements you feel is important for your students.

All presentations include PowerPoint, and time for questions.

All I need for a school visit is a laptop/projector/screen, lapel or hand-held microphone, small table for materials and plenty of water. I love working lunches too, but note I’m gluten-free. And I love dark chocolate!

Please contact me via the contact form to learn about my honorarium and making arrangements to visit your school. I love partnerships and hope we can work together for a fun and educational experience for all.

Family and Inspirational Presentations

Family Presentation (60 Minutes)

History, Herstory, Yourstory!

Millie Benson’s and Virginia Hamilton’s stories are shared with general audiences. Fun activity involves writing what is important about your story!

Motivational Presentation (45 minutes)

I share my love and loss of my daughter, Claire and creation of Claire’s Day.


My fee is based upon location of presentation and number of presentations. A typical school day visit includes up to 4 presentations to students. I offer a discount to schools within a three hour radius of Toledo, Ohio. Evening presentation fee varies according to location and group.

Email me for more details.