School Presentations

I love to visit schools and incorporate what I have learned into curriculum lessons.

The following are sample presentations that I can offer based on grade level.

Please know that I am flexible and can adapt my sessions based on your classroom/school needs.

Grades K-2 Presentation (25-40 minutes)

5 W’s and an H!

Millie Benson was certain to include Who, What, When Where, Why and How in her newspaper stories. I take students on a journey through Millie’s life to identify the Five W’s and an H of her biography.

Grades 3-5 Presentation (45-60 minutes)

From Passion to Book!

Students will learn of my lifelong interest in Millie Benson and Nancy Drew, and how this passion became a reality through my book. I explore book proposal, writing, research and documentation with students.

Grades 6-8 Presentation (45-60 minutes)

Research, Writing and Revision!

Students learn of the various resources I used in my research of Millie’s story, and proper documentation. After research comes writing and after writing comes revision, revision and revision!

Family and Inspirational Presentations

Family Presentation (60 Minutes)

History, Herstory, Yourstory!

Millie’s story and place in history is shared with general audiences. Fun activity involves writing what is important about your story!

Motivational Presentation (45 minutes)

I share my love and loss of my daughter, Claire and creation of Claire’s Day.


My fee is based upon location of presentation and number of presentations. A typical school day visit includes up to 4 presentations to students. My standard honorarium is $800.00 per day, plus mileage/flight and accommodations. I try to keep expenses to a minimum! I offer a discount to schools within a three hour radius of Toledo, Ohio. Evening presentation fee varies according to location and group.

Email me for more details.

I am happy to provide references from previous school visits and presentations.